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Why is it so important to know foreign languages nowadays?

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Why is it so important to know foreign languages nowadays?
Does the knowledge of foreign languages facilitate the development of communication among people of different nations?
Why is the role of English especially important today?
What factors promoted English to become the language of international communication?
How many native speakers are there in the world today?
What countries do use English as a second and official language?
What spheres of life is English most popular in?
Why is it so significant to know English while searching for some information in the Internet?
How many people internationally speak English as a mother-tongue?
What words borrowed from the English language do you know?
Do you agree with the saying that excessive the use of English words threatens the purity of other languages?
Why is it necessary to know English for people whose job area is connected with computers?
What way does the use of English facilitate communication between people?
What is your purpose of studying English?
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